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Our founder John A Estrada loved serving his community as a first responder in Bexar County. The satisfaction of helping people during stressful situations and protecting the community always taught him how to serve. While maintaining a heavy work load John is also a father to a beautiful little girl, so he understands the value of a work/life balance. One day when witnessing a business owner stressing over who was going maintain the cleanliness of their office, John suddenly realized that the business owner should not have to continue to worry about cleaning the office but focus more on running the business. John then asked himself this question, "What other way can I SERVE and PROTECT my community?" Then a lightbulb moment came and he decided to take a huge step in creating the best Commercial Cleaning business he can and that's when, VIBE ALTO Commercial Cleaning Services was born! We can serve great work while protecting the ones we care about through a thorough cleaning, not only making the offices sparkling clean but also protecting from such viruses as Covid-19. Just so you know we are no ordinary Cleaning Company, here at VIBE ALTO Commercial Cleaning Services we abide by our core values. We are here to provide great SERVICE for our community with the upmost RESPECT to our clients and employees, with INTEGRITY through a reliable humble relationship, building together a PURPOSE not to work for one another but to work with one other.

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